Friday, July 13, 2012

On Rob Anders Hair

This was the hair Rob Anders was wearing when he trashed the Harper Government for honoring humanist and Mao sympathizer Norman Bethune as a means of getting in tight with the ChiComms so as to sell them more bitumen:
I don't think this is intentionally mussed, "I'm sexy when I'm not even trying" hair.  I think this is "I just woke up and didn't look in the mirror" hair.  The kind of hair you get when you've been demoted and relegated to the back bench nearest the men's room and don't give a crap any more.  It is not the hair of a man at peace within himself. This is  "man on the edge of despair" hair.  I hope Mr. Anders' friends are keeping an eye on him.

That is all.


double nickel said...

He has friends?

MgS said...

Anders is among Harper's "protected". In case you've forgotten, there have been numerous attempts to unseat him from within the party and party brass have rejigged the rules to protect him every time.

Anders will never be a cabinet minister, but he is clearly of some use to Harper. (flinging monkey poo mostly, I suspect)

Omar said...

I know the Nazi comparisons get stale in regards to these kooks, but DAMN, does that clown ever look like Himmler!

Frunger said...

Maybe it was windy? All that hot air blowing out of his own mouth shot strait up into his face.

double nickel said...

I was thinking he look more like TinTin.