Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is A. Raoul Nembhard The New Patrick Brazeau?

Jason Kenney appoints him to the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF).  The day of the CRRF's first meeting, he phones it in after dancing it up in Spain.

Boogey down Raoul!  Whatever it is you do with the CRRF apparently doesn't require your physical presence.


Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

Well, looking at the pole dancers in that photograph, I guess it's a good thing they didn't appoint him to the Status of Women portfolio; that would've been insensitive.

ambitiousmind said...

I didn't know that an individuals personal life remotely effects anything that has to do with his job. Being a public figure is bound to provide some scrutiny from the liberal peasants that have nothing better to do than attack people actually living their life; however, you would think that they would do this when it was actually making an effect on their job or when it was illegal in some minute form. Is he spending tax payers money? Or is he going out in the world establishing a better understanding of "race relations"? Sadly calling you all boring, negative, busy bodies and telling you all to mind your own business would probably fail to suffice... BUT, it was worth a try and hopefully I can slightly anger you all who share the same negative sentiments. Have a good day, if thats possible for you.

bigcitylib said...


I think you are too confused to have any effect on anyone.

Georgi said...

Dear Raoul A. Nembhard seeing in retrospect this blog post and obviously your reply as ambitiousmind I must note that your behaviour or lifestyle as you may call it affects more people in a negative way than most would find acceptable. I know that because after the chargeback you arranged and my blog post we have had people calling and e-mailing us trying to get some information how they could find you as abviously you have cheated out of their money a lot of people here in a small country of Estonia.