Wednesday, July 04, 2012

NDP Courts B.C.

...comes out against Northern Gateway.  Do the federal Liberals have a position on this issue?  I mean, I know we're Pro-reefer, and since the recent B.C. ruling, many have suggested that the party come out as in favor of euthanasia, so maybe the LPoC is set to position itself as the "get high and kill grandma" party.  Which actually kind of works for me.  But on issues re resource extraction, unceded First Nation's land, and economic there anything to be said?


Lou Arab said...


Anonymous said...

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No way. They can't do that. What's happening with you people? Wake up!

Unknown said...

Ram the pipeline down their throats...gently.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, we are currently a party without a leader and I am actually against the current caucus willy-nilly taking hard line positions on major issues.

Let the various leadership candidates stake out their positions on issues like this and let the membership decide, through their leadership selection, what stance the party should take.