Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leave Ron Jeremy Alone

If you'd were asked  to dangle your wiggler to hook a murdering cannibal  you might think twice too.   Isn't it enough that the man loves animals?  And when it comes down to tabulating history's great Jews, I suspect that  Ron Jeremy will be at the top of  the list with Freud, Jesus, Bob Rae, and Wittgenstein.  For many years, "The Warthog" truly was the king  of the adult film industry, during which time he was  immortalized in both  poetry and song by, among many others, the famous ska/punk outfit Sublime.

And I remember an interview with him in Now Magazine (I think)  when he was asked if his parents were down on him because he was a porn star.  He said (and I am paraphrasing, obviously):  Hell, no, they're liberal jews.  That's probably the last time in my life that I wept aloud with  joyful tears.  It confirmed me in my Liberalness.

So I've always had a soft spot for his little tribe.  Though they have disappointed me terribly in recent years.  Harry!  Meir!

But one keeps one's head down and tries to carry on.


Harry Abrams said...

Another reason for BCL to be disappointed with Jewish me ...

I cannot (or at least have never tried, or wanted to) count backwards from 20 - 0 before ejaculating on cue.

But that's why they paid Ron the big bucks.

bigcitylib said...

They say its harder than it looks.

Harry Abrams said...

Truth be told I met Ron Jeremy once, sort of. Was on a red-eye flight from Seattle to Los Angeles about 3 years ago. Ron Jeremy sat down 3 rows in front of me and went promptly to sleep. Slept the entire way to LA too.

2 things went through my mind.

"If he's such a big shot, why is he flying in economy with the masses?" and #2, I had this burning urge to go up and engage him in conversation.

"Hey Ron, remember me, Harry? We worked together on Snow Whyte Duhs the 7 Dwarves in 1989?"

But that was just a passing funny idea idea. I didn't disturb him and he left without making contact.

I saw the documentary that was made about this fellow. He's quite a character all around. I suppose getting in the international news like this was quite a big break for him.

Paul Raposo said...
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Paul Raposo said...

Ron Jeremy? Micheal Lucas would have been a better choice. Silly PETA.