Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mulcair Makes Play For B.C. Vote

A damning report on Enbridge Inc.’s inept handling of the 2010 crude oil spill in Michigan should kill the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair said Tuesday in Victoria.

He said it right in the provincial capital, too, so everyone in B.C. will read about it or see it on the television.  I suspect the NDP have polls telling them how the issue plays out there.

Meanwhile LPoC interim  leader Bob Rae's latest intervention re the tar sands was watery mush served with decaf coffee.  Everyone is going to say that they are for the responsible development of our unconventional oil supplies, so Rae's remarks do nothing to distinguish the federal Liberals from its rivals.  I understand that he doesn't want to bind the hands of his permanent replacement, but only particular stands for or against particular projects (Northern Gateway, Kinder Morgan, Keystone XL) will count with B.C. voters come election 2015.

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