Monday, July 30, 2012

In The Event of An Oil Spill, Enbridge Will Pay little as possible.  Then:

 ....Enbridge representatives went door to door promising that they would pay for spill damages, Mayhall said.


“The statements at issue, that were made in Defendants’ [Enbridge's] press releases and brochure, were mere expressions of intention, not offers.”

This post writ Because there's talk going about  that an oil-spill wouldn't cost the B.C. government a penny.


Gloria said...

The Enbridge pipeline burst into the Kalamazoo River area. On the ground, Enbridge threw sand on the oil, and planted grass on the top. When people went to check...Well, they put shovels in the sand, and struck oil.

When there is a pipe burst in BC. Enbridge won't pay, nor clean up, Harper won't pay, Alberta doesn't pay. The people, our province and the F.N.People will pay, their food sources, gone. The destruction of that, dirty lethal, chemical laced Bitumen, will kill everything in it's path it touches, completely dead. The rivers, clean drinking water poisoned, streams and lands, dead.

Same when a monster dirty tanker spills. The entire BC coastline the lethal Bitumen touches, will be dead. Our beautiful Orca Whales, Humpback Whales and all of our precious marine life will perish. The F.N. also depend on the food from the sea.

Same with one of the massive tankers, spilling oil into our sea. Again, who pays? Enbridge doesn't. Harper doesn't, Communist China doesn't, Premier Redford doesn't. The gigantic greedy oil corporations, whine their way out of, completely cleaning up. BC people pay, with a dead sea. There is still oil gathering on the rocks, from the Valdez spill over 22 years ago. That is a teacup spill, compared to one of those massive dirty oil tankers from China.

AND, those of you who only think, there will be only Chinese tankers, had better rethink that one. Japan was up at the tar sands, looking for oil as well.

Unknown said...

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