Thursday, May 23, 2013

Looking For Rob Ford Imposter

An ad that appeared on Canadalisted in January, 2012:

Do you look like Mayor Rob Ford? I need someone who looks like Rob Ford to play the mayor in my film. It's a short shot of the mayor smoking a cigar and chuckling into the camera.

Presumably unrelated.  But why not inflame the minds of Ford-Nation conspiracy theorists?

PS.  I've fired off an email response to the ad asking if there is any connection.  Will post if I get an answer.


deb said...

imposter...I believe the term you are referring to is stunt double, lol:)

and we gotta find out who is responsible for the stunt doubles paychq...perhaps Harper:)

Rene said...

Well, the ad does say it's for a "dark comedy". The crack video does fit the bill.

MgS said...

I thought TO was living a "dark comedy" ever since that clown got elected. (Heck - he makes Alberta's leading alcoholic Ralph Klein seem positively statesman-like)

The crack video thing is just another scene in something that crosses between a Black Adder skit and a nightmare.