Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Toronto Rabbis Denounce Pam Geller

Excerpts from Toronto Board of Rabbis statement:


Anonymous said...

Fringe Meir
Take your whining to the TBR, it's them who called you out on your hatred.
The company you keep shows who you are and it isn't a friend of freedom

rightprog said...

Have to. Agree with the TBR they validate what many of us feel. Kinda makes me feel good that we have such a Rabbinical group here. but where are he official Jewish groups that triumphs human rights?

Unknown said...

As Usual K. sums it up...Did you know something called “the Toronto Board of Rabbis” sent out a letter condemning Geller before she showed up?
Neither did any of the Jewish people in the packed hall. I guess they don’t care what a bunch of liberal rabbis have to say.