Friday, May 24, 2013

Who Funds Ontario Anti-Wind Groups?

An interesting ad from the Scarborough Mirror:
I've sent them the stuff I did a couple years ago about possible connections between the group  Wind Concerns Ontario and the Power Workers Union (PWU).  In chronological order, this one, this one, and this one.  There's the email if anyone has more.



Paul Kuster said...

This has given us all a pretty good chuckle out here. But please, keep searching for all our "funding sources". All that money that's "just a flowin" into WCO, Quixotes Last Stand and Ontario wind Resistance. You do have proof in the form of cancelled cheques, bank statements etc. to back this up, right? Or is it on the say of a crack dealer.

Laura said...

Who funds our little grass roots anti-wind group? My own money earned through my own hard work.

Who funds other grass roots anti-wind groups? The same as ours. Their own hard-earned cash.

What drives our little grass roots anti-wind group? The compassion we have for the suffering of our fellow Ontarians who are forced to live next to industrial electricity factories in the guise of wind turbines.

A country-wide ban on spinach is issued if two people get sick, yet hundreds of families in Ontario have had their health and quality of life destroyed, some forced to abandon properties that have been in their families for years and nothing is said or done about it.

By all means BCL, if you do know of any big corporation or organization that is funding anti-wind groups, let us know. There are families who are struggling to pay the bills on 2 properties (because no one will buy their turbine polluted homes), just so they can get a good night's sleep. I'm sure they would appreciate a bit of help to keep their heads above water.

Irreverent1 said...

I can tell you exactly where their funding comes from. The very same place that the wind industry intends to get their funding from...our damned pockets, that's where. As victims of this scam, we have no choice but to invest our time, as well as our hard-earned dollars fighting this corrupt scheme. The government is in bed with the wind industry, so they sure as heck won't fund us. We definitely do deserve some funding, that is entirely true, but at this point, no one has had the decency to step forward, and offer any assistance whatsoever to the victims of this scam. We are left to defend ourselves, and that is exactly what we will do. If you would like to assist us with funding, I can assure you, we would appreciate it greatly. The family budget is already strained trying to pay our outrageous electricity bills.

rumleyfips said...

Recent research shows that aggressive anti wind propaganda is a cause of so called turbine syndrome. Whoever is funding anti-wind is responsible for this damage.

Laura said...

@rumleyfips -- Yes, I know! And people die from gunshot wounds because they watched westerns when they were growing up. Damn power of suggestion!!!