Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Tory Turmoil--The Beginning Of Something?

Two days ago anti-abortion activists began distributing graphic postcards in Harper’s Calgary riding; today they targeted Calgary Centre-North MP Michelle Rempel:

This doesn't seem closely connected with the various Senate scandals engulfing the government. These particular activists have been agitatin' since last year.  But for whatever reason, several elements of the Tory base seem to be coming unglued all at once.  Luckily for Harper and co., 2015 is still a ways away.  But I suspect these zealot eruptions will grow louder between now and then.


Reality Bites said...

How is this part of the Tory base? This is a tiny group of nuts on the fringes of the anti-choice movement.

bigcitylib said...

...that probably all voted Conservative in 2011.

Reality Bites said...

So what? It's like when the loons at FreeDominion lost faith in Harper and John Tory and started supporting fringe parties, vowing to bring them down. The fringe parties remained fringe parties and lost votes.

Losing the support - or better yet, gaining the vocal opposition - of numerically insignificant lunatics is a politician's wet dream.

(Or it would be if Harper had genitals instead of looking like a Ken doll)

rumleyfips said...

Dear Mr, Bites:

Do you remember CRAP? Concervative, aaliance bla,bla , bla. It was a conglomoration of Reformers, social concervatives ( your fringe mentioned above) , fiscal concervatives, monarchists, militarists, law and order vigilantees and ( holding their noses) Red tories. The differences and enmity between factions is now becoming dangerous for harper.

The present administration has about 1/3 of voter support. Any hiving off of ideological factions will make a majority a minority. A further slip of a couple of groups will result in loss.

The Mound of Sound said...

I have always suspected that Harper doesn't much care about post-2015. He wants to get the Northern Gateway rammed through and then take his leave.

Tom Flanagan made some telling remarks on Saltspring Island last summer. He said Steve Harper is not a man of vision. In fact he supposedly detests the very notion. I think he doesn't look into the future and, once he gets his pipeline deal done, he's done.