Sunday, May 26, 2013

T.O Star Reporter Still In Contact With Folks Close To Rob Ford Video

The most important bits are from 1:20 minutes and forward; I can't embed it on BCLSB, I don't think, but you can find it here.  Short version: not everyone associated with the tape has gone to ground, and the folks who have gone to ground do that kind of thing fairly frequently.  It would seem the  tape is STILL IN PLAY.

PS.  There may be  less to this than I imagined.  Gawker's most recent statement says they've been in relatively constant contact with the tipster, but not the owner of the tapes.  I'm pretty sure an earlier version of the statement said they'd lost contact with both.  Kevin Donovan is clearly still in touch with the tipster, but that may not put him much further ahead than the folks at Gawker.

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