Thursday, October 03, 2013

Canadians Are "Concerned" About A Lotta Stuff

If "a majority of Canadians say they are “concerned” about potential negative financial impacts on their families if proposed pipeline projects fail to get the go-ahead" is the best they can suck out of the results of the latest Ipsos-Reid poll, then I imagine the details are even worse news for team tar-sands.  I wonder if Ipsos asked a straight up-or-down question re approval/disapproval of the individual projects under consideration?

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Sudbury Steve said...

I agree that the oil industry and its supporters appear to be circling the wagons. But, in defence of the polling industry, I'm not certain that most Canadians would have an informed position to offer on some of the more high-profile pipeline proposals which are currently being made. That being said, it's easy to offer an opinion - any opinion - but I think that most Canadians would probably want to defer in answering until they have a better understanding of the issues.

Unfortunately, our mainstream media has done a pretty lousy of job of helping to educate Canadians on what those issues really are - and instead have focused on giving air time and column space to the loudest voices on both sides of the issues. Those voices aren't there to educate, their goal instead is to progagandize the issue and manipulate public opinion, which may be a worther political goal for those involved, but hardly helpful in informing debate.