Friday, October 18, 2013

Nina Pierpont "Expert" Testimony Disallowed At Adelaide ERT Hearing

Nina,  a New York pediatrician, is the author of "Wind Turbine Syndrome" and in the eyes of most scientists, the inventor of the an imaginary syndrome allegedly caused by the presence of nearby wind-farms.  Her work is probably the major piece of pseudo-science invoked by anti-wind-power activists in their efforts to have wind-farms kept out of their communities.

Interesting, then, that the Ontario ERT (Environmental Review Tribunal) has disallowed her testimony in the appeal  of Nextera Energy's Adelaide Wind Project (see paragraph 19 of the material through this sentence's first link).  Basically, the material she provided the ERT was an impenetrable mess.

Nor is Pierpont the only anti-wind faction witness rejected by the tribunal; a long and fairly complete list, compiled by Ontario Wind Resistance's  Esther Wrightman, who has been quarter-backing the appeal, can be found here.  Of particular interest is Ben Lansink, a London area appraiser who's work has been central in the attempt to establish that the presence of wind-farms has a deleterious effect on Ontario property values.  If the ERT doesn't think his material makes the cut, then it will be almost impossible for the anti-wind folk to mount a serious argument on this point.

PS.  As a special bonus, here is Dennis Gruending on Climate Change and Canadian Churches.

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Paul Kuster said...

The one that's interesting is the limiting or cancelling of Rick James. He'd wipe the floor with the MoE and the ERT knows it. Paul Muldoon is not seen to be impartial and that's what makes these ERT's a joke. Also notice that the MoE and NextEra have their witnessess accepted without question and it's not because they're any better qualified. I ask, what would be the harm in letting these witnesses testify and letting the chips fall where they may?