Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blogging Tory Bites The Dust

The Canadian Forces has ordered a member of the military who is also president of the Ottawa South Conservative Association to resign immediately from that position and cease his political activities.

The move comes a day after the Citizen reported on the growing anger among former soldiers who accused Daniel Dickin of branding a prominent veterans advocate and his organization as “extreme” and a threat to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Some veterans and Citizen readers also questioned why Dickin was being allowed to post highly controversial and politically partisan writings while he is a serving military member. Dickin’s writings have attacked the NDP as well as Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, who he called a “criminal” while praising Harper as “the Best PM we’ve ever had.”

Dicken has now made his blog invite only.  You can still take a look inside at the older stuff if you use google cache. Meanwhile, he is still on the BT blog-roll.  Stephen Taylor must be so proud.


MgS said...

Interesting. It actually reflects the "the party is the government and the government is the party" mentality that we see from the right wing in Alberta.

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

Heh... we should coin a term.

I propose that when someone has to close their front door to all but the true believers because otherwise they're going to lose their job that it be called "dickening" their blog.