Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lenore Zann For NS/Federal NDP Leader

I'm happy to note that Nova Scotia MLA Lenore Zann was one of the few NDP-ers to survive the Crimson Tide earlier this week.  In an previous career, Lenore acted in 1980's horror movies, playing such roles as Maggie in Happy Birthday To Me and Nun #3 in Return of the Nun Munchers: Back For Breakfast! For these if no other reasons I think  Lenore should throw her hat in the ring when NS NDP leader Darrel Dexter steps down, and perhaps even consider going federal in the post-Tom Mulcair era after 2015. She obviously has experience living through blood-baths.

PS.  Here is a picture of Lenore.  Yeah she's a babe.

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Matthew Day said...

Lol, When growing up, I used to spend my summers in Tuscaloosa Alabama, (My Uncle was a Prof at University of Alabama). In white Tuscaloosa, the Crimson Tide sits at Gods side, and liberal is a (very) dirty word. If the Good Ole Boys find out you called a Liberal victory the Crimson Tide, they will be loading their squirrel guns and heading North to have a wee chat with you.