Tuesday, October 08, 2013

On The Gasplant Thing

Ouch.  Dumbest thing the OLP ever did, was cancel those plants.  Cost a fortune, as everyone can plainly see, and really gave the anti-Green Energy Act opponents their only half-decent argument: money is obviously not a problem, and you were willing to listen to NIMBYs down in the GTA, so why won't you listen to us? As an issue going forward--who knows?  I'd say it helps Horwath more than Hudak, because Hudak is sad and his platform is a tea-party style attack on Canadian values that won't resonate.  But who can say?  This one has been in the news forever.  The story was told long ago: a former Premier blew a lot of money to win a couple of ridings he would have won anyway; the new Premier has apologized and vowed to move forward.  That may just be enough.


crf said...

You're too blinded by partisanship on this issue.

They deserve to be chucked out over this.

Just what do you like about the GEA? The idea of it? The exucution? What was it supposed to accomplish, and did it do so?

crf said...

Ooops. Now, if Wynne is not dis-elected, there's going to be no new nuclear in Ontario. Prepare for skyrocketing emissions and the death of Canada's nuclear industry too!

Let's make the world a smoldering hulk, while we lamely lament the fact that twirling pogo sticks really weren't capable of reducing emissions to anywhere near the necessary degree! And that this homeopathic "solution" was a just as useful as a suicide pill in the Kool Aid. We {pretended that we} tried!

(Having a nuclear industry capable of exporting nuclear plants could though, make a difference worldwide.)

Thanks GEA! Thanks premier Wynne!

Killing the nuclear industry in Canada is literally a crime against humanity.

Paul Kuster said...

Interesting that a report by CMOH Arlene King is constantly jammed in our faces when opposing wind turbines, stating no direct health effects. She also signed off on the Miss. gas plant stating no significant hazard to health. That of course was ignored when the Liberals felt threatened and claiming the gas plants were now a substantial risk to health. I guess it shows that King will sign off on anything Liberals tell her to, or just continually throw anyone under the bus who gets in the way of Liberals pathological thirst for power.