Friday, October 18, 2013

Suzuki [Foundation] Strikes Back!

My favorite bit (naturally):

Those not familiar with Sun News host Ezra Levant — who also founded a propaganda organization and website to promote the fossil fuel industry and target environmental groups — might be interested to know he has been proven in court to be less than credible, with a judge in one case ruling that he spoke in "reckless disregard of the truth." In fact, he's currently facing another in a string of libel charges. He's also had to apologize publicly for rants and comments that were deemed racist and has been found in violation of the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council's ethical guidelines. He doesn't believe in the science of climate change, thinks recycling is "pointless" and believes Canada should put all its economic eggs in the oil sands basket. Many of his attacks are ad hominem — that is, they are aimed at perceived flaws in an individual's character rather than his arguments — and most are blatantly false.

Incidentally, his latest libel case, which I expect to end as all the others (with Ezra, or whoever finances Ezra, paying up), has been delayed until January.


deb said...

oh boy...this guy is such a menace, but he just gets a slap on the hand...and goes right back to it.

Fred from BC said...

Suzuki will have to remain in hiding until the embarrassment of what Ezra did to him has faded.

Fortunately for Dr. Fruit Fly, most of the Canadian news media refused to report on his utter destruction at the hands of the Australian news media, otherwise he would be the laughingstock of the entire country.

Paul Kuster said...

You're right Deb, and then there's Ezra.

Anonymous said...

Poor Saint Suzuki got completely annihilated on Australian TV, by real scientists. The silly jackass will just go lick his wounds at one of his BC mansions and continue as a legend in his own mind.