Thursday, February 13, 2014

Global Warming Denier James Delingpole Gets Ass Booted Out Door

Word is the UK Telegraph (the Torygraph, as they call it) felt he was an embarrassment.  And of course, in his sign-off column he admits he knew nothing about science.  Something most of us figured out long ago.

Although I would also suggest he's pretty ignorant even for one of us English grads.


bigcitylib said...

He says he quit. I've heard otherwise.

The Mound of Sound said...

Having watched what turned out to occupy most of Channel 4's newscast last night and again tonight, I can see why the days are numbered for jackasses like Delingpole. After 6-weeks of ruinous floods and, recently, hurricane (108 mph) winds, jokers like this must have pretty limited currency. It's hard to imagine there's much of his country that has an appetite for his drivel any more.

Moving to is tantamount to crawling under a rock. Your friend, Devereaux, will just have to find something else to plug his sphincter.