Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hero Cat Video Is Probably Fake

Can't say why quite yet.  But I am betting it is. Cats are heartless, godless, flesh eating little shits.

Although this is not a bad theory.
Were all these shots edited afterwards?  The sequencing can't have happened naturally.  Also some of it looks CGI to me.


Cathie from Canada said...

I saw something somewhere which said these homes each have some kind of surveillance cameras -- CCVV or something like this -- which are running all the time in this neighbourhood. So this is where the film came from, showing coverage from two different cameras.
The content didn't surprise me at all -- cats are the honey badger of housepets.

double nickel said...

TMZ reports the dog was put down, FWIW.

deb said...

the hero cat has hit mainstream news not just youtube, its a given. Sorry this cat acted like a really brave dog:)