Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Know Its Only A Forum Poll/ But I'll Take It

The 1,000,000 pink-slip plan is a dud:

Kathleen Wynne’s governing Liberals now lead with 38 per cent support to 33 per cent for the Conservatives, 21 per cent for Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, and 5 per cent for Mike Schreiner’s Greens.

In the May 2 Forum poll, the Tories were at 38 per cent, the Liberals 33 per cent, the NDP 22 per cent, and the Greens at 6 per cent.

And thank gawd!  For awhile there I thought a sketchy character with a crazy plan for sacking anyone who looks at him funny might actually be a hit with Ontarions.  Did they not learn from the dark ages of the Mike Harris regime? I wondered.  But maybe they did!

Next step, if history is a guide, will see Hudak back away from his plan later this week, then next week publicly set fire to any docs related to the plan and claim he's never seen them before.  There's a German word for being lucky in the choice of your enemies.  But I can't remember what it is and am too lazy to look it up. However, it applies here.  If this election is a battle of wits, Kathleen Wynne can go rent herself a victory hall.

And as for the NDP.  Well, what is the opposite of momentum?  Slow-mentum, anti-mentum...perhaps unmentum?  Because whatever it is they got a bad case of it.  BOOYAH!!   BOOYAH!   VICTORY OR VALHALLA!!!


UnEvil One said...

The word is "schadenfreude"

crf said...

The Globe and Mail will probably endorse Hudak. He's pinning his hopes on that.

Dana said...

Schadenfreude is a compound word that means delight in the misfortunes of others.

Backpfeifengesicht is however a German compound word that quite perfectly appplies to Tim the Hudak.