Friday, May 09, 2014

Tim Hudak Is Mike Harris Squared

BARRIE — Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says a Tory government would cut 100,000 jobs from the Ontario public sector.

He specifically mentioned firing teachers, so look out for another teacher's strike down the road.   And, like Mike Harris with his downloading, it appears Hudak will try and get the municpalities to do his dirty work for him:
Good to know.  Cast your votes accordingly.

PS. Worth noting that the whole Mike Harris agenda was less about cutting spending than using the downloading process and T.O. amalgamation to transfer city cash out to the boonies, then use pitchforks to shovel bales of the stuff off the back of pickup trucks and into the waiting arms of PCPO constituents.

PPS.  Derek Leebosh raises an excellent point:

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