Friday, May 30, 2014

The Shorter MaRS "Scandal"

In 2002, Ontario's Progressive Conservative government, eager to throw off the notion that it hated science and evidence, ordered the building of some big buildings with words like "science" and "discovery" in their very names.  Today these buildings sit only partially tenanted, and the current government must deal with this fact.  Money is involved.  The end.

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Scanner said...

When they started building these structures, it was obvious there was no money to do anything but construct the buildings. This happened not only at MaRS but other Universities - structures built. No money to do anything in said structures. I remember Honderich being interviewed (by the Star I think, lol) he was on the board, if not the Chair, opining that it was sad there was no money for a supercomputer for the MaRS Group. In fact there never was any money for anything for the MaRS group. It reminds me of the F35, a plane whose sole reason to exist was to extract money from Government. Never meant to fly