Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ontario Fire Fighters Against Tim Hudak's Proposed Civil Service Cutbacks

BURLINGTON – The Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association came out against 
Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak’s plan to cut 100,000 jobs from the public 

“Tim Hudak can’t seem to make up his mind. He says he wants to bring jobs to the 
province, but then announced this morning that he plans to cut 20 percent of the jobs in 
the public sector,” said Mark McKinnon, President of the Ontario Professional Fire 
Fighters Association. “It’s scary to think that Mr. Hudak wants to cut 100,000 jobs – the 
population of cities like Niagara Falls and Brantford – and put hard-working middle class 
people out of work while the economy is still fragile just to balance the budget a little 

McKinnon added that Hudak’s announcement indicated that he was prepared to protect 
other public safety custodians – nurses, doctors, and police officers – but isn’t prepared 
to do the same for fire fighters who are on call 24 hours a day. 

There's more through the link. Incidentally, Hudak announced his plan to sack 1,000s at...wait for it...  Barrie Country Club, where a "full golf membership" costs  $999 and $369 per month.  So, yeah, this crowd understands the need for austerity.


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