Friday, June 27, 2014

BCLSB Exclusive: Draft Version Of Peter Mackay's Facebook Statement On Women!

Peter Mackay recently issued a Facebook statement on that whole "women issue".  I have been able to access, via secret backdoor channels and a mole within the CPC establishment, an early version of that statement, before government spin-doctors got to it and, as they say, "softened the message".


Omar said...

That whole Pictou/Antigonish/New Glasgow area should have its collective head examined for continuing to vote for this embarrassing tool. Having said, it's an embarrassing habit that knows no party line. Roseanne Skoke, anyone?

deb said...

at this point the only left for Peter Mackay to do, to really say sorry and that he loves the women. Is for him to go to work in drag,for one week.

deb said...

okay wait a sec, was one of his staffers rob ford? the edited version seems to be ala cracktone