Wednesday, May 09, 2007

$17,000,000 Well Spent

From the Scarborough Mirror:

Toronto councillors will finally have their say May 10 on whether or not the city will spend $17 million to purchase a 700-year-old First Nations village in Scarborough.

City staff are recommending council go ahead with a deal to purchase the land on the edge of the Rouge Park from Village Securities Ltd. The land is in two parcels totalling 6.87 hectares between Morningside Creek and the Rouge River, just north of Finch Avenue.

Seven hundred years ago, the land was home to a 300-person First Nations village, and archaeologists believe the site is rife with artifacts and possibly human remains. Village Securities has approval to redevelop the land, but have given the city until July 1 to purchase the land.

The picture at top is a Google Earth shot of the area (the village is beneath the circular thingie and above the streets near the bottom), and here is the City of Toronto report related to it.

As the Rouge River runs down from Lake Simcoe to Lake Ontario, it served as a kind of highway for the Iroquoians (Huron, Petun, Nuetral) that lived on its banks. Any site with, possibly, human remains is definitely worth preserving.


Anonymous said...

I predict . . . another blockade, standoff, and more domestic terrorism . . .

Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, well, you won't be allowed anywhere near it, so you'll have to go back to bombing abortion clinics.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, it'll be Harper's fault.

Bombing abortion clinics? What the hell is up with that?

Anonymous said...

Never mind Hentai-guy, he's generally preoccupied with other things.