Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mac's: Your Soul For A Froster

After their ad campaign tempting today's youth with crude language and implied bestiality ran afoul with Social Conservatives, Mac's has decided to try a new approach:

Police in Scarborough are on the lookout for youths, hoping to catch them committing acts of kindness. The crime prevention initiative, a partnership between Mac's Convenience Stores and Toronto Crime Stoppers, was launched at the Malvern Town Centre yesterday.

Operation Freeze rewards youths with a coupon for a free Froster, a semi-frozen carbonated drink, when police see them doing something good.

Quid pro quo, the kids are expected to rat out their fellows. Sean Sportun, security manager at Mac's and Toronto Crime Stoppers vice-chairman, says:

Hopefully the kids will appreciate getting a free Froster and call in with information and essentially make the community a better place.

Police are reporting a measure of success, with this young fellow already turned into a mind controlled zombie:

"It feels good to get a positive ticket from police. I'm going to enjoy the drink," said J____ P_____, 17, after being given one of the coupons while working on a school project at the mall.

"This will make youth trust police more."

And all for a cupful of melting ice-cream.

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