Thursday, May 17, 2007

Canada Free Press: Maurice Strong Dying As Part of EnviroNazi Propaganda Effort

News on the perhaps imminent demise of Canadian Environmentalist Maurice Strong, with this little bit thrown in towards the end:

The rumours of Strong's failing health seem to fit the script in the push over recent months to make global warming or climate change the number one topic of the day.

...just so you can never forget that Judi McCleod is crazy.

Terrible news, if true, for both sides of the debate. Strong's death would mean the Deniers are stuck with Suzuki to demonize.


Anonymous said...

"Strong's death would mean the Deniers are stuck with Suzuki to demonize."

Demonize? No

Disappointed? Yes

Nature of things was one of my favourite shows on TV when I was young. Suzuki and his show on CBC is one of the main reason I developed a love for science.

It is just sad to watch Suzuki prostitute himself on AGW when he knows full well that the science backing his claims is bogus.

Now if you want to demonize a true AGW hypocrite. Al Gore is the number one AGW hypocrite of them all. Read this


Gore's hypocrisy exposed

What's this? Global warming guru Al Gore caught on tape refusing to endorse the Kyoto accord? Yep.

In his recent special, Exposed: The Climate of Fear, CNN's Glenn Beck showed some priceless footage of then vice-president Gore explaining in 1997 why he didn't support U.S. participation in the Kyoto accord.

"We will not submit this (Kyoto) for ratification until there's meaningful participation by key developing nations" Gore said.

Problem is, Kyoto required nothing of developing countries such as China and India when Gore made that statement 10 years ago, doesn't require anything of them now and won't require anything of them before it expires in 2012.

As Christopher Horner, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism, dryly observes in Beck's report:

"That's the Gore standard. That standard still has not been met. That was the standard George Bush articulated, too, but he's mean."

Anonymous said...

can't happen soon enough - the quicker the Mo man is gone, the better.

Just another (almost) dead multi-millionaire wanna be marxist commie.

Just like Trudeau

Anonymous said...

hey, Dr, Fruit Fly doesn't need wussy-pussy liberals like you to help him.

He can lie and fear-monger as well as any Liberal

Anonymous said...

Jerry Falwell's death had leftists/fascists jumping for joy - one obscure article that mentions Strong is on his last legs is hardly within the same league of moral depravity demonstrated by 'liberal' people.

Anonymous said...

That's the best news I've heard in weeks!

Anonymous said...

Believing Lorrie Goldstein? LOL, LOL - he's so right winged he has no left arm or leg.


Anonymous said...

According to the exalted Dr. Suzuki, those scientists who deny the kyotoistic doctrine are "climate-change deniers" who have taken money from "big oil".

Strange...according to his foundation's financials, they have accepted funds from Encana and other oil companies...


Anonymous said...

"Believing Lorrie Goldstein? LOL, LOL - he's so right winged he has no left arm or leg.

P-l-e-a-s-e! "

Excuse me buddy, I watch the CNN's Glenn Beck show called Exposed: The Climate of Fear about 2 weeks ago and saw the footage myself. Al Gore is on record saying that Kyoto is wrong for the US. When he was in power with Bill Clinton they could of went to bat for Kyoto and use the power of the presidency to push for Kyoto, instead they decided to tell the truth, Kyoto means nothing as long as the developing world does not also commit to Co2 targets.

So was Al Gore lying 10 years ago or is he lying now?

Either way you slice it, Al Gore is a proven liar and hypocrite on Kyoto


Ti-Guy said...

Shut the fuck up, Deno.

Crazy Judi. She falls for hoaxes right and left, and still insists on being taken seriously.

If she didn't exist, we'd have to invent her.

anti-guy . . . said...

" Ti-Guy said...

Shut the fuck up, Deno."

up your arse sideways there shit-for-brains.

Time to go suck the chrome off some lonely trailer hitch.

Anonymous said...

"Shut the fuck up, Deno."

Why are you always so angry Ti-guy?

Why can you not debate intelligently to the debate instead of always calling people you disagree with down?

Can you ever make an intelligent post?

I may disagree with a lot of what BCL says but at lease he tries to debate with people.

You as always add nothing to the discussion.

Have you ever thought of taking some anger management classes? You sure need it.


Ti-Guy said...

I'm not angry, Deno. I just think you're ignorant and you clog up discussion with your uninformed blather.

Get off the computer and go read a book, or something.

And stop watching American television news; it's been proved that one becomes dumber when exposed to it. Citing that fatuous retard Glenn Beck really doesn't help your credibility.

I read BCL's blog because he's funny. I don't come here to debate half-wits.

Anonymous said...

Since I haven’t read one post from you that could be considered a debate on any subject you’re the one that needs to read more buddy. Your vocabulary seems to constitute nothing more the “Fuck off” and “you’re an ignoramus”.

What are 5 years old?

You obviously know absolutely nothing about basic science so I would appreciate you keep your uniformed opinions to yourself. Maybe some day when you grow up you might have something intelligent to say, but for now, all you do is embarrassed yourself big time every time you post a comment on this or any other blog.


Ti-Guy said...

Fuck you, you ignoramus.


whnet said...

Ah... the comedy stylings of Judi McLeod.

I guess Judi never learned in journalism school you don't betray your source... even writing (typing?) "Canada Free Press (CFP) has been flagged by the friend of a neighbour of Hanne and Maurice Strong in Crestone."

Note to blogger... McLeod's name has only one "c". There's an easy way to remember: "crazy", "crackpot", "clod" and "crank" all each have one c.

Anonymous said...

Dying? He's being murdered, slowly poisoned by a right-wing conspiracy! They're trying to kill him to get him the hell off their backs about so much. The AGW deniers are clearly behind it, but also his extreme Left-wing handlers because he knew too much about all the dirt on Chretien and the UN. This is the real story the MSM refuses to cover because they're in on it as well.