Thursday, May 03, 2007

Preston Manning Invokes Chamberlain, Diminishes Holocaust, Insults Jews Everywhere

From Hansard, December 14th 1995:

Mr. Preston Manning (Calgary Southwest, Ref.):

Mr. Speaker, the minister provides no rational answer because there is no rational answer.
Any government that can talk itself into believing that a separatist veto over the Constitution of Canada helps national unity can talk itself into any other kind of concession. It is the Neville Chamberlain approach to constitutional negotiation: unity in our time through irrational concessions...

So lets have the Canadian Jewish Congress come out and bitch and whine and demand an apology, shall we?

Incidentally, I've done what I imagine the industrious Aaron Wherry did, which was to run the search term "Neville Chamberlain" through Hansard's search engine. Although I can't claim his brand of journalistic rigor, I can state with near certainty that there has been at least one Neville Chamberlain analogy made in every parliamentary session back to at least 1998. I can't find references in 1997 or 1996, but I didn't look very hard, and then there is old Preston's example from 1995.

So at least one Neville Chamberlain reference in 10 of the last twelve years. Even Alexa McDonough indulged.

Talk about the non-controversy that set the world aflame! A word of advice: just because they're outraged over there at the Natty Post, or any of the newspapers associated with, it ain't necessarily news.

I hate it when people beat me to a story. But at least Philippe Gohier seems to have missed the Preston Manning bit.


Anonymous said...

its not just using a Chamberlain reference, its about using an irrational one.

May's reference, spoken with the conviction of a Believer, was soooooooooooo irrational as to actually be funny.

I know its not PC to laugh at the mentally ill, but I admit, the Believers make me chuckle

Anonymous said...

Oh, so with the Conservatives/Reform it's do as I say don't do as I do???

Anonymous said...

As a Green, I wanted better from May. Silly me. We will hafta deal with this mess.

janfromthebruce said...

House of God, Nazi, creativism, green gospel - yuk.
Stick with the science of climate change - that is the main thing!

Anonymous said...

Al Gore and "Adam and Eve"

Come on BCL, I am waiting for your ridicule of Al Gore belief in Adam and Eve.

Come on Ti-guy, I want to see you lash out with your insults at Al Gore and his Christian beliefs as you do the Christian right.

Failure to do so will make both of you look quite hyoprictical.

What a joke Al Gore has turned out to be. He believes in the junk science of man cause global warming but he does not believe in the very real science of Evolution which with the onset of DNA testing is a proven fact.


Anonymous said...

Lets try this again


bigcitylib said...

It seems to me that, if all Al Gore is saying is that God used evolution as an instrument of his Creation to bring about modern humans, this is a fairly mainstream, non-Evangelical religous belief. I don't belief it, but it seems relatively harmless. What's that got to do with Preston Manning insulting the Jews?

Anonymous said...

Al Gore believes in Adam and Eve and does not believe in human evolution. The science backing up evolution is 1000 times stronger then AGW. This just proves that Gore is picking and choosing the science he believes in that fits with his world view and he is in the AGW business for his own glory and fortune.

Also it prove that you are a hypocrite, When Day spoke about his belief that the human race is 6000 years old you and many other liberals ridiculed him for his beliefs and you use his belief in creationism as proof that Day can’t be trusted with anything in government When someone like Al Gore who is a high priest of your AGW religion also has the same beliefs as Day you have no problem with his beliefs.

I’m just proving that you a much bigger hypocrite then anything the Canadian Jewish Congress has said or done.



canuckistanian said...

the most embarassing part of this saga was jack layton criticizing lizzy may's statement when he made the exact statement about climate change less than 2 years ago. no shame, hence they will remain, joke layton of the 'turd' party.

Anonymous said...

No, the CJC knows that Harper truly supports Israel, not like the anti-semitic party of Canada.

McGuire said...

Isn't this the same kinda thing you condemn the CPC for?? if an opponent of yours did it, then it's not a big deal when someone you support does it, or it's less of a big deal??? Pure hypocrisy.

As for the underlying issue, i've made an effort from getting away from Nazi analogies b/c more than anything, it's intellectually lazy & a convienent escape route so to not engage in more sophisticated debate.

Mushroom said...
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