Tuesday, May 15, 2007

24 Sussex "Bomber" Brought Soap, Deoderant For PM

From the Ottawa Sun:

No charges are anticipated in connection with the bomb scare at the prime minister's residence Sunday, RCMP say.

Police found the man they believe was responsible for throwing a black gym bag onto the 24 Sussex Dr. property late in the afternoon.


The bag contained personal hygiene products.

Police questioned the man, who has no fixed address and was located in Ottawa.

So, a homeless man feels compelled to donate a care package of "personal hygiene products" to the Prime Minister of Canada? I guess everyone thinks they're an image consultant these days. But what exactly what are we paying Michelle Muntean for, anyway?


Anonymous said...

I read it also included his resume - appears he wanted to be on Harper's primper team.

Anonymous said...

wonder who he stole the stuff from . . .

probably another unemployed liberal from the last regime, unable to find a real job and still thinking he is entitled to his entitlements.

wonder why the lefty MSM labeled him a bomber . . that's usually code for "muslim"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he's and old-fashioned homeless man who thinks it unseemly that the Prime Minister has a woman as his valet and stylist.
It is rather bizarre that Harper has a taxpayer-paid primper to begin with...