Thursday, May 17, 2007

March For Life Organizer Elaborates On Scandal: If I'd Known What Wordmark Represented, I'd Have Desecrated It

Jim Hughes, President of the Campaign Life Coalition, digs himself a deeper hole:

Hughes, however, says that CLC is more than happy to remove the [illegally used Canada] wordmark from [CLC] banners, and will do so immediately.

“If I’d known that there was a logo representing the federal government on the signs,” said Hughes, “I would have had it ripped off because of the continuous support by the federal government for the killing of two million children in this country.” "

Wilfully destroying national symbols to score cheap political points, an act Mr. Hughes contemplates in the above-passage, is a distasteful feature of modern democratic discourse, but one we must necessarily defend in the name of free thought and free speech.

That said, Mr. Hughes really ought to be grateful that fellow Conservatives like Mark Warawa have never gained the upper-hand in this country.


Jay said...

Sue them into bankruptcy so we won't have that blight on Parliament Hill again.

Lets see how fast the handcuffs come out for these people as compared to a concerned publc employee.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Didn't Suzanne say the logo was put there for patriotic reasons?


Jay said...

Mr. Hughes is using the same sort of language about federal governments that the pro-life suicide bombers in the US do.

This guys may just be a home grown terrorist. Someone should keep an eye on him. He obviously hates the government and has no respect for our symbols.

Anonymous said...

What if he said he was an anarchist who didn't believe in government, or a Marxist who didn't believe in the 'ownership' of trademarks or copyrights? Then you'd be singing his praises.

Nothing wrong with suppressing a little freedom of speech with a vindictive lawsuit, right? That's how all left-wing dictators operate, why should you guys be any different.

"We're all for tolerance and free expression of opinions, provided they match ours. Otherwise we'll ram it down your throat anyway."

Frank Frink said...

Yes JimBobby, that kinda puts the kibosh on Suzanne's claim.

Wonder if Mr. Hughes ever flies a Canadian flag?

Thanks for providing that update BigCityLib!

Ti-Guy said...

Whooee! Didn't Suzanne say the logo was put there for patriotic reasons?

Yes, but in SUZANNE's defense, she was lying.