Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shock Poll: U.S. Muslims More Loyal To America Than Evangelical Christians

A number of headlines re. this story emphasize the fact that about about 13% of U.S. Muslims support suicide bombings. However, to me the most shocking finding is:

The survey shows that 47% of Muslims consider themselves Muslim first and Americans second.... Among white evangelicals, 62% say they identify themselves first as Christians.

So its the Vangees who are most willing to put their fictitious Deity before the nation! No wonder they're so predisposed to law-breaking activities! For example, this guy from Falwell's Liberty college, who was wanting to pack some home-made napalm with him to Jerry's funeral because he was "upset about an anti-gay fringe group that protested at the funeral".

Hmmm! The threat of white on white violence! Who in the Christian community dares speak out against it?


Anonymous said...

I don't think there is an equivalence here. A lack of loyalty to the state among Christians doesn't relate to political violence. But among Muslims it does. In its extremist form, it is a decidedly political religion.

Mike said...

"A lack of loyalty to the state among Christians doesn't relate to political violence."

Except for the abortion bombers, doctor killers, and they Falwell loyalist wou was prepared to bomb and kill protestors at Falwell's funeral.

I won't get into Christian Identity and the Murrah builing.

Yeah, if you ignore all of that, Christians are nothing like Muslims.


Anonymous said...

Fawk, you're a bigoted s.o.b. aren't ya? Your blind hate for Christianity is stunning, you need to seek help.

No mention that only 40 percent of U.S. Muslims believe that Arabs carried out the Sept. 11 attacks, or that another 28 percent said they don't believe it.

Thirteen percent said suicide bombings and other violence against civilians can be justified "in order to defend Islam from its enemies" at least on rare occasions. Among those under age 30, that 13 percent doubled to 26 percent, the paper reported.

JorgieBoi said...

Not a very convincing spin. Christians proportionally much more likely to serve the military especially in times of war in America. Muslims are much more likely to make bomb plots and carry them out in America. No one really has to look at the record to know who is more likely to stand up for their country. Furthermore, although some Muslims may consider themselves American "first", there religion does not allow for seperation of Church and state. Therefore, being a good American may mean pushing for Sharia law. I don't consider that loyalty.

bigcitylib said...


on the topic of Christians in the military. That may well be why there has been relatively little Christian terror in the 7 years of the new millenium. Their destructive impulses were directed at external enemies (brown skinned men overseas). Previous to that there was the cold war and the evil empire. In between we had the 1990s, and a democratic president. We also had Oklahoma City. A cooincidence?

JorgieBoi said...

Wow, you are a left wing nut job. So America goes to war so white Christians can feed their appetite for killing brown people? You are bizzare. WWII Americans were up against the Nazi's, the Cold War against the Russians. Get your history straight, you are so brainwashed. And completely racist.

bigcitylib said...

Since I am also white, I don't think I can be racist in this instance. So nyah!

And I'm not the one who repeatedly referred to Iraq as a "Crusade".

JorgieBoi said...

You can be racist (ie. an irrational dislike for a race) and belong to that race at the same time, its called self-loathing. You have a very selective understanding of American history. So called "brown people" have much more freedom, rights, and opportunity to succeed in America than in the countries they derived from. I'm not going to get into the whole "white Christian" thing anymore. You are just really full of hatred.

Anonymous said...

he's far worse than being a racist.

He's a liberal progressive.

Anonymous said...

For once I agree with you. religious extremisim in all its forms is terrible, and can lead to bad things. Be it christian, islamic or jewish extremism, no religion actually preaches death! These fanatics bring a bad name to their religion

Anonymous said...

The ignorant and stupid Posts on this site never cease, do they.

Any that are insightful? Thought provoking? No, sadly most are just juvenile comments of the theme "You're stupid because you're a neo-con redneck Alberta religious right denying hater".

Thankfully hentai-guy has been on vacation or something. But mike is doing his best to fill in. Tell us more about the worldwide attacks by Christians over the last 20 years, mike. You'll need to extract your head, but you could use a change of scenery.

Ti-Guy said...


Whoever you are, argue like a hissy, 13 year-old girl.

When I think of Christian violence, I think of all the dead innocents killed by the greatest Christian nation on Earth since the end of WW2. I'm pretty sure the Islamofascists don't even register on that scale.

Anonymous said...

To Annonymous 2:11

Jewish and Islamic holy texts to advocate killing of non-believers. In the Old Testament or Torah, killing is permissable if justified. The case of war is such an example, and the Davidic Kingdom had plenty of wars with its pagan neighbours. In the Quran, killing homosexuals, apostates, and non-Muslims in war are perfectly acceptable and indeed is law in Muslim nations.

Do leave the Christians out just this once. The New Testament does NOT advocate violence. Were I to follow the New Testament verse by verse, I would be an extreme pacifist. Were I to follow the Quran word for word, I'd demand that those homosexuals protesting at Falwell's funeral be killed as a punishment demanded by the Quran.

Anonymous said...

Shut yer Jesus-hole.

Anonymous said...

Heard any stories about Christians praying before boarding a plane, asking for seat-belt extenders, or anything else?

Man, how much douche can one bag hold?

Anonymous said...

What exactly does "defend Islam" mean? I didn't know Islam was under attack.

Keith said...

There are numerous christians who openly admit that they think the second coming is here because soon they will have the holy land back.Read any American(southern baptists mostly) websites.
So Iraq and Afghanistan(if they could have gotten away with it Syria and Iran)are all about OIL and Religon.

Gorgon5 said...

Obviously someone hit damn near the truth or there wouldn't be anons here cowering under anonymity. When threatened by truth, lash out.