Friday, May 04, 2007

The First Step Is Acknowledging You Have A Problem

"Federal Tories losing touch", says the Calgary Sun's girl ranter Licia Corbella. And why are the Tories "plummeting in the polls". Not because of the detainee crisis in Afghanistan? Oh no, Canadians forgive them for that. Not because of their pathetic "green" plan? Nope. That too is okay rank and file Canucks. The income trust flip-flop? Shovelling Western money at Quebec in the last budget? No and no! What then?

...trying to score political points on the back of an upstanding, honourable young hockey star playing his heart out for his country on a volunteer basis in Moscow is akin to a cheap shot for many Conservatives. This will stick in their craws for a long time.


They should stand up for decency and this country. Always. Shane Doan stands for both. By voting to question his captaincy the Conservatives prove unquestioningly how offside they have skated in their blind pursuit of power.

I don't know how the filing deadline works for Sun writers, but this column seems to have been hacked out sometime after the last whiskey and before the first coffee. And if Tory partisans think their problems have nothing to do with 1) their policies alienating the majority of Canadians, and 2) their attempts to reach out to the majority of Canadians alienating their political base, then frankly they are in more trouble than I thought.


wang weiquan said...
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Ti-Guy said...

Is Licia Corbella only 13 or something?

Robert said...

I picked up a copy of the Tor-Sun from a seat on the GO Train this morning; reading that column was a reminder why I normally refuse to even pick up free copies.

Anonymous said...

She is an "extremely" CPC partison writer and some of her articles in the past make me wonder if she needs a check up at the local mental institution.

I really don't know why she's on staff other than she's so partisan. Hey, she works with Paul Jackson (editor) - another partisan loon.

Anonymous said...

How about the liberals , they were no better, Denis C was the prime shit disturber on this, shame on them and Dryden is a disgrace. Not one MP came forward . Scumbags