Saturday, May 12, 2007

Will Conservative MP Mike Lake Denounce Bigfoot Porn Flick?

What next for poor Mike Lake, Conservative MP for Edmonton—Mill Woods—Beaumont? First, his "Save Bigfoot" petition blew up in his face, and now the very creature he sacrificed his credibility to rescue has been caught doing porno. Witness "The Geek", a fifteen minute short featuring three hikers (two guys and a gal) and a randy Sasquatch. Is this what Mr Lake and the Conservative Party of Canada are wasting the nation's time over? Perhaps we should leave Bigfoot's preservation up to the private sector!

Although alanborky at Cryptomundo said something that really made me think:

[Movie description:]one of the hiker guys grabs one of his lady friends by the hand and pulls her toward Bigfoot. He coaxes her into making contact with the beast. Demurely, she approaches and holds out her delicate hand. Bigfoot sniffs her politely, then…

... this might be me being a bit too clever, but the above snippet of scene description immediately brought to my mind that part of the Ancient Sumerian Gilgamesh epic where Gilgamesh arranges for his potential adversary the wild man Enkidu to lose his innocence by being seduced by a temple courtesan.

You could argue, then, that ‘porno’ and ‘Bigfoot’ have been connected right from the dawn of civilisation.

Frankly, I don't see how you could argue against it.


Anonymous said...

Would you like to trade idiots? You take Lake and we'll take Corderre.

Anonymous said...

What? Mike Lake into bigfoot porn?


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Hot bigfoot on girl action!
By the smile on that gal's face, I reckon the ol' wives' tale 'bout shoe size must hold true fer the swingin' snowman.