Sunday, May 13, 2007

Something You Already Knew

The Tory Green Plan has "oil and gas lobby" fingerprints all over it. Most obvious quotation in Hill-Times story, from Liberal l MP John Godfrey (Don Valley West, Ont.) :

"I think industry's challenge was to not look too happy with it, so that it wouldn't look as though they'd won," he said. "In the whole question of the gamesmanship of these things it would be very hard to know what their actual reaction to this is and what they could have really tolerated in tougher regulations, because it's not in their interest to say that."

All of which I predicted here.


Anonymous said...


Sanity is prevailing after all

Anonymous said...

I guess anybody with an SUV, pickup, or large car is also a member of the 'oil and gas lobby'. So too then are the opposition parties who are "demanding" that Harper do something about the high price of gasoline. So Harper is the only one who doesn't want to make planet-poison cheaper?