Friday, May 11, 2007

Mike Lake Distances Himself From Bigfoot Petition!

Edmonton 's Conservative MP Mike Lake is distancing himself from the Bigfoot petition he presented to the HOC! His office has been in touch with Cryptomundo's Craig Woolheater:

The press release [issued May 3rd] is the only statement that Mr. Lake will be making. He is not responding to any media requests in the hope that this issue will go away. Mr. Lake does not believe in Bigfoot!

Meanwhile, abandoned by his erstwhile champion, a saddened Bigfoot marches dejectedly away from Edmonton.

h/t to Cryptomundo, without which this blog could not exist.


Ti-Guy said...

Is this what we can expect from Conservatives? First pandering to visible (and hirsute) minorities for political purposes and then cruelly abandoning them?


Anonymous said...

The most ridiculous thing about any of this, is say the spotted owl, there are only like one and a half of those left. Theyre not protected, right? And good eatin'.

But, there are plenty of reasonable, and well educated northerners that don't dismiss bigfoot as a simple flaky myth.

Ah, you City Folk.

Anonymous said...

Mike Lake merely submitted a petition; he has no vested interest in it. Only Liberals would make an 'issue' out of something so meaningless.

Besides, them Bigfoots make great rig pigs out on the oil patch! I've never seen no sissy Eastern city boy work like them! They don't even need a trailer, just a blowdown and a bit of moss, they're good to go.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! This whole protect the bigfoot movement's puttin' a bigass crimp in my annual bigfoot huntin' trip. I got a lot invested in special bigfoot trackin' an' killin' equipment. What am I supposed to do with all that stuff?

Are the candyass bigfoot-huggers gonna reimburse me now that they spoiled all my fun?

What about all the other bigfoot hunters?

What about the huntin' lodge operators an' Westjet?

Ma's deepfreeze is gettin' a little low on bigfoot steaks an' burgers. Probbly the cattlemen behind all this. Tryin' to get everybuddy to switch from wholesome bigfoot meat to them danged ol' mad cows.


canuckistanian said...

"Mike Lake merely submitted a petition; he has no vested interest in it. Only Liberals would make an 'issue' out of something so meaningless."

mike lake merely made an ass out of himslef by submitting a petition to the HoC to have bigfoot protected as an endangered species. only people completely devoid of anything resembling a sense of humour would 'not' make a joke about this 'issue'.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a country gal and I've never seen a sasquatch. I've never seen the lochnest monster either.

Ardvark said...

Distancing himself? He tabled the petition on behalf of a constituent, that's it. He never supported the petition or even spoke about it other than to say that he did table it and that he does not believe in bigfoot.

It was that BS AFP news story that falsely claimed the he supported the petition and believed in Bigfoot.

When you use bogus news as your source of information, this is what you get.