Wednesday, May 16, 2007

But Where Shall They Strip Now?

So far the Tories next set of priorities include:

1) Eradicating foreign strippers.
2) Protecting homegrown Bigfoots.
3) Making it harder for teenagers to have buttsex.

That's all I can think of. Canada's Rapidly Aging Government: on vacation without ever leaving the office.


Jay said...

#1 and #3 are blatant examples of how the Conservatives are trying to control our lives. Social engineering at its worst.

Jay said...

#2 proves that the CPC has a collective shunt.

Ti-Guy said...

Why the indifference toward masturbation? Aren't the connies concerned about all the potential Jesuses landing unceremoniously in Kleenexes and tube-socks all over this great nation?

This lack of moral coherence is very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

they can always find sanctuary in Judy Srgo's backyard camp for migrant peelers.

long live the Liberals . . champions of strippers, peelers & other liberated women form around the world.

Jay said...

This is not a exploitation issue when you have a party of so-cons. Seeing they view women as home based baby factories.

This is a way to control strip bars. If Canadian strip bars need 600 strippers in one year then its obvious there is a shortage of them here. By barring their entrance they are forcing these establishments to close shop.

Its purely a motion to their so-con base, the only voter they still have the support of.

Anonymous said...

thank Allah for Liberal economic logic

Anonymous said...

Foottothefire says;
comments from 'anon.' should lead to a slander suit.
Judy Sgro was cleared after months of libelous pursuit (within the 'house' of course...we do want to be safe when we slander) from the likes of Dianne Ablonczy. Albonczy mumbled a snide remark when confronted by CBC and offered a chance to accept the news that Sgro had been cleared. Seems like Dianne and other Conservatives from Alberta reserve the right to continue persecution of anyone they've convicted in their kangaroo court, no matter what external jurisprudence establishes to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

That's all Diane Finlay has accomplished as a Cabinet Minister - first Human Resources, now immigration?

Not a hard worker that gal.

Ti-Guy said...

I was reading in the G&M today that temporary work permits for strippers had dwindled to 10 in 2005, as a result of the Liberal government issuing guidelines to embassies and high commissions.

Yup. The Harpies are out of gas.

Anonymous said...


So the Lieberal scheme is to exploit more women in degrading jobs, exploiting or endangering Bigfoot (maybe Bigfoots could be the strippers at the Liberal conventions?), and encouraging children to have sex. Good old lieberal family values. Is Dad out of jail yet so he can pick up Mom from the detox center? Sis is getting an under-age abortion so she can't do it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:35 - don't let a "lie" get in the way of CPC rhetoric. Judy Skro was "clearnd" - "innocent".

But hey, truth isn't something the CPC understand.

Anonymous said...

Anon ll:33 - I think you're getting your facts mixed up. The CPC are the ones who don't understand that not all parents are good parents. The heckled about the beer and popcorn statement all the while thinking that all parents were comfortable yuppies.

Sure - $100 a month before taxes is going to help those unfortunate kids out that don't have yuppie parents.

Anon - you are truly ignorant and stupid. I suggest you stop the comments because you look like a fool, big time.

Anonymous said...

Liberals should be happy the Conservatives are keeping foreign strippers out, their daughters can demand higher wages now.

Anonymous said...

So the conservatives are acting like a stripper's union, keeping wages high? Taliban Jack should support that.

Are you all Judy Sgro's asshats or what? What an embarrassing position to find yourself in. Does that make her the lap-dancer?

anon 1:48, just stfu, you add nothing here, so bugger off your own ignorant and stupid self. Luckily you've got lots of like-minded individuals in the LPC.

Anonymous said...

You know you've hit the nail on the head when the Liberal you're arguing with calls you ignorant and stupid! Ha ha! I won!

Jay said...


Those anon conservadroids are quite articulate aren't they.

I guess I would be pissy too if my "leader" (and I use that term in the loosest sense possible as to include Steve) were ineffective, out of touch with Canadians and have been caught lying, obfuscating, filibustering, disappointing children with illnesses, poor students in need of summer job, and flip-flopping on everything they stood for just 16 months ago.

This is what you donated to and you can't get a refund.

I understand your pain.

Suck it up and switch parties instead of wasting your breath trying to lift the CPC out of that bottomless pit they've fallen into. You are goinggive yourself a stroke.