Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Canadians Don't Want Beowulf Running The Country

That's the most logical way to square these two polls, which show Stephen Harper's personal popularity "soaring" while his Conservative Party can't draw flies among the Canadian electorate.

Which is to say that Canadians are more like Europeans than Americans in that they are more likely to vote issues over personalities, and see their party leaders more as managers of a package of competing and contrasting positions, not alpha male warriors hacking their way through the opposition benches with a broad-sword.

PS. I suspect the SES-SunMedia poll showed crap Tory voter intention numbers as well, or The Sun would have led with them.

Not Suited To Canuck Politics!


Anonymous said...

Harper personifies the heart of his party; all packaging and when the contents are exposed, there's little substance. At some point in time folks will, by nature, opt for real nutrition.

Anonymous said...

and Steffi is running a distant third.

Or is it the LPC in third place?

Mike said...

Well, According to those numbers 33% of voters don't want ANY of the leaders listed. 'None of the above' is a close 2nd, and the numbers, except for Dion, generally reflect the party position as well.

Back in 2003 Stephen Harper was at 10%. Paul Martin was at 61%. Martin didn't drop to 33% until Adscam broke.

So I'm not sure how Harper can be 'soaring' when he is not favoured by 63% of the electorate and is favoured only slightly higher than a scandal plagued Liberal administration and 'none of the above'.

Anonymous said...

Gee, more shrill fearmongering.

People are tired of the "Wolf" cries, and are beginning to see how desperate you Libbies are. Talk about lack of substance - what are Dion's plans to tackle poverty again? Are these the same plans Chretien promised to use back in '93 only to see poverty grow under his watch?

Somebody please put a charcoal filter on Dion's mouth to cut the stench of BS.

Mike said...

"Talk about lack of substance - what are Dion's plans to tackle poverty again? "

Same place all those 'Accountability Act' regulations for lobbyists are - nowhere.

In the meantime, the lobbyists are chugging along, business as usual.

Idiot Conservative anon-trolls who assume everyone that doesn't bow at the mention of Harper's name is a Liberal.

63% of people STILL don't want Harper as PM. Suck it up.

Anonymous said...

The entrenched popularity of Liberals in Ontario is proof positive that you can lead an ass to the polls, but you can't make it think.