Friday, November 09, 2007

Stormin' Warman Strikes Again, Or Free-D Part III

The pattern has continued for two months now. Someone at Free Dominion says something stupid about rights activist Richard Warman, and Richard Warman delivers Free-D owners Connie and Mark legal papers claiming libel. Connie and Mark post the contents of the papers, and more stupid stuff follows. Here's the latest episode, and the responses thus far include a vagueish hint by one poster as to what might happen if he gets Warman alone:

Like I said before crybaby, it is VERY easy to ascertain my name and address, and in fact, just give me a call and you can make an appointment to meet me at my place. It is semi isolated and we could interact free of interruption. And as you wish, the Ottawa police would be a loooong way away and I guarantee you our meeting would be betwen just the two of us.

Your move clown!

Last days of Free-D? I wonder.

As for Warman, the guy's got an interesting hobby. Unfortunately, actions he has taken against this anti-warman site have resulted in the disappearance his fascinating presentation (a .pdf file) to the ARA re his "Maximum disruption" strategy. He claimed copyright infringement, that the document in question was posted without his permission, but if anyone wants to fight Nazis in their part time, the paper contains all sorts of good advise. Here's hoping it appears elsewhere soon.

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Ti-Guy said...

I guess, when Constance Wilkins ends up in tower somewhere and takes down 33 innocents, we'll at least be spared the nauseating spectacle of hearing how "no one expected this."

By the way, I hope she sues you.