Monday, November 19, 2007

National Post Wants to Aid And Abet Tory Cover-Up

Kelly McParland, their politics editor, says the Liberals want the Harper/Mulroney Scandalgate inquiry to: able to scrounge around at will in the PMO’s mailbox in hopes of finding something incriminating the Liberals can use against the Harper government.

...which is not true. Dion's letter, setting out the boundaries he would like to see set around the inquiry, makes very specific requests of Professor David Johnson, and I suspect that these fall well within what Bob Rae would consider a "focused mandate". So there is no point trying to use Mr. Rae's words to suggest a "split" within the Liberal party as to how much of the truth of the Mulroney/Schreiber/Harper affair it is fit to uncover. It should all come out, no matter what Mr. Schreiber's motives might be. Justice demands it.


musing said...

So they do have something to hide.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the PCO comes out again and publicly confirms what Harper says about his notification.

Dion willing to call our hard working civil servants liars,

with no basis whatsoever, other than his pathetic desire to shift the focus on his severe limitations.

Dion, quite the leader you've got there.

And BCL goes on smearing like a good little liberal foot soldier.

Today's Liberal party, bereft of ideas, abscent a leader,

with only the basesless smear left.

It's a good time to be a conservative.

Anonymous said...

Only Liberals are interested in this story. It's about a politician who was elected 20 years ago. Wow! That's topical. That's news.

I agree with CC, get a friggin' leader and get some friggin' policies.


BCL - why are you wallowing in mud, it's so unbecoming.

player_hater said...

Paul Martin was completely exonerated by Gomery, but that didn't stop Stevie from saying it was all his fault.

"It's a good time to be conservative" You have had two years to waste taxpayers on buying votes, yet you still can't get into majority territory, leading to the conclusion that even the Conservatives think they are going to be defeated in the next election, so team up with the Bloc heads and book as many limos and 5 star hotels as possible. There are only two provincial conservative governments, and one of them hates your guts.

Anonymous said...

I can picture cc and dl toiling away at that bank of computers in that not-used-to-the-max-yet neo-con warroom in Ottawa. Gotta try to get our value-for-money outta that place, eh?

Ti-Guy said...

"National Post Wants to Aid And Abet Tory Cover-Up"

...would be the least surprising headline of the day.

We all know those fucks have been fellating the neoconservatives for years, with precisely the kind of sucky journalism were seeing here.

I don't know at which point the neocons will decide this obsecene sex show is decidedly counter-productive and tell their media minions to either shut up or tone it down; I think it should have happened years ago.

By the way, "contented conservative" and "discontented liberal" are both the same troll.

Conservatives are liars. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Only a Liberal could confuse:

A scheme by senior Liberal party members to steal tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and funnel it into the Liberal party via a national program and money laundering, which massive scheme was uncovered through a detailed examination by the auditor general,


a single twelve year old allegation about a single payment, by a known crook willing to do anything to get out of facing the German music.

Takes a Liberal to equate the two.

Anonymous said...


which Lib MP's got that money anyway?

That really hasn't been resolved. Gee if you all are so interested in getting to the bottom of a twelve year old seemingly baseless allegation regarding less than one third of one million dollars that wasn't even Canadian's money,

I'm sure you all, as Canadian taxpayers, surely want to find out which Lib MP's, many likely currently in office, materially gained from the millions and millions of ill gotten booty?

More recent, far, far bigger, and proven, not mere allegations.

Right? Right?

Traverse, also a good Liberal foot soldier, sounded the warning siren in his article today for a reason.

You've all just set yourselves up for a further review of "which Liberals got the stolen millions".

A far more valid review, a far more important review, and

a far, far, far more political devastating review.

I'll be back to watch ti-guy's head explode.

Anonymous said...

What was it we kept hearing from the mouths of Liberals during all those inquiries and commissions?

I forget.

I don't know.

I can't say.

Thanks for giving the rest of Canada a lesson in Weaseling 101, Liberals.

wilson said...

August 2007:

Adscam is not over.
The RCMP are still investigating.
Chretien has been fingered as giving orders to pay ad companies, or reversing decisions where sponsorships were rejected.

I wonder if Liberal Cote will be charged for handing out $125,000 (Adscam money) in $100 bills to 12 Liberal candidates.
Cote is the man Dion thought being exiled from the Liberal party for a few years was punishment enough for his part in doling out stolen taxpayer money.
Dion wants Cote welcomed back into the Liberal party.

Would anyone be surprised, if it came out, in an inquiry, that there were 'those' in the LPC that knew about the Schreiber allegations l o n g before they became public, and didn't tell Dion??
Dion is being set up. And by Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Kinda getting close to libel, aren't you?

Ti-Guy said...

Shorter Wilson:

Adscam. Adscam! ADSCAM!

Ad...scam! Ad...SCAM. AD...scam.






In conclusion...fiberals.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

ti-guy, that's the most intelligent thing I've ever seen you post!

Ti-Guy said...

Great. I'm thrilled it's a hit.

Anonymous said...

Oh and how is all this playing out with the voting public?

Cons 36
Libs 28
NDP 17
Bloc 8

I guess it was worth a try, still Dion had better come up with something better than this or it's curtains for him