Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Maybe There Is A God

...and if He has chosen to arrange His Kingdom such that there exists a secret correspondence between my two favorite things, well then, I suspect He would really dig me.


Anonymous said...

Its called sex and 420. It has existed since the plant and man first evolved. Much much before god was invented.

Ti-Guy said...

I noticed the label:

Boobies and weed together at last.

For a researcher/librarian, you're taking an disturbingly cavalier attitude towards indexing.

To which accrediting body should I address a tersely-worded complaint, BCL?

Ti-Guy said...

nice nips said...
illustrates your sucking fetish to a "T"

5:18 PM

Man, BCL...cut out the anonymii. By doing so, you might actually encourage a few Conservatives-with-a-sense-of-humour to start posting here.

And...Lord Almighty...we all know we could use a few of those.

Raphael Alexander said...

How about:

A bong hit a day keeps Mary Jane's breast cancer at bay?

Anonymous said...

Actually, BCL, shouldn't that be *three* favorite things?