Friday, January 11, 2008

The Cold Hand Of Conservative Censorhip, Part II

Records show that Tyler Shandro, the same Calgary lawyer who penned the stern letter to Cournoyer about identity theft, registered both Internet addresses [ &] in the name of the premier and party Tuesday afternoon -- hours after the case made national headlines, and at least a month after the Tories became aware of it.

The address was registered more than a year ago to an office in the Bahamas, and links to an unrelated search engine.

Ed Stelmach really ought to fire his lawyer.

And someone should ask Mr. Stelmach why he's so upset with what Dave Cournoyer (Daveberta) is doing when there are people based in the Bahamas that are using his name to sell, among other things, shaving gear and golf tickets.


Anonymous said...

" The Cold Hand Of Conservative Censorhip"

Ahem, I think you mean "Progressive Conservative". Have to protect the Conservative brand.

High ranking longtime Liberal operative Daveberta is a knob for cybersquatting and not disclosing long ago that he, like Calgary Grit, was a secret high ranking Liberal with official positions, not the everyday joe woe-is-me-broke-student they fronted as.

Ti-Guy said...

Doesn't Tyler Shandro look like your typical Harperjugend?

Yes, yes, I know...Alberta PC is not the same as CPC.


Oxford County Liberals said...

Um, anon: If you had bothered to read Daveberta's site, he disclosed quite early on that he had worked for the Liberals. SO, I suggest you try another approach, because that cloak and daggers stuff isn't going to work.


And as I pointed out two days ago, the site also allows you to date BBW.

bigcitylib said...

Eugene wrote:

"And as I pointed out two days ago, the site also allows you to date BBW."

BBW = Big Beautiful Women.

Oh my, Ed!

Anonymous said...

so what stupidity of Steffi's are you trying to cover up with this deflection blog entry ??

Did Steffi blow David Orchard to get him to shut up about parachute NDP candidates masquerading as Liberals ??

Psychols said...

This has no more to do with censorhip [sic] or free speech than graffiti on a bus shelter.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that last comment. I've been getting vodka enemas all day and I'm out of my head.

...but, you know how we Conservatives are. We're degenerate.