Friday, January 04, 2008

Not A Right-Wing Front Group, Just Kooks

The folks at A Creative Revolution have bad things to say about The Canadian: Canada's new socially progressive and cross-cultural national newspaper:

A "progressive" news organization that would accept and use quotes from [Jerome] Corsi? Corsi the racist who also writes on Human events .com with that other peice of crap Ann Coulter? The same Corsi who maligns all of Islam, Left wingers and all things liberal?

That tells me that "The Canadian" is either operated by extremely stupid, STOOPID people and REALLY bad writers who cannot be bothered to even use teh google, or its a purposeful sham operated by Right Wing extremists. I think the latter.

Well, I think the former. All of the websites associated with The Canadian are the work of Raymond Samuels, head of the Cosmopolitan Party of Canada, who has actually run in a couple of Federal elections, winning around 125 votes in the Ottawa area each time. One of TC's regular contributors, Victor Viggiani is director of media relations for Exopolitics Canada, and the man behind last August's open letter requesting that:

Her Excellency Governor General of Canada Michaƫlle Jean in her May 30, 2007 response to a May 17, 2007 correspondence from Exopolitics Toronto has suggested a specified course of action be taken by us to communicate with the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service to ascertain the state of concern in Ottawa regarding the UFO/ET phenomenon in Canada.

So they are sincere about UFO's. As to the quotes from right-wing sources, well CT tends to go pretty far afield in its quest for "evidence", and Viggiani has also attempted to use Judi Mcleod from Canada Free Press to get his message out. Tells you something that Canadian UFO cultists see Ms. Mcleod as a sort of kindred spirit.

So, crazy? Yes. Conservative extremists? No. Lets not get insulting.


Anonymous said...

I spent a couple of hours romping around the site.

If I hadn't found the Comspolitan Party I wouldn't have known what was up.

The website owner is real, his sites advertising back to themselves is real and The Cosmopolitan Party is real.

I understand UFO believers are sincere, I'm not categorizing what I read as left/right/conservative etc.

I'm not clear on who contributes, why, who pays who and what for.

When researching religious stories there are times I run across similar sites, lots of advertising, pre Web 2.0 set up, one or two people with a unique agenda...

Bene D


Check Out Vive Le Canada which posts here as progressive and you will find a similar collection of nutbars, from Larouchites, CAP, isolationists, etc. etc. It is what happens when one engages in the populist politics of nationalism and soverignty, you get the right and the left and the squirrels.

Anonymous said...

See? And somebody said that conservatives had cornered the market on hatred. You've got it in SPADES!

Anonymous said...

"Progressive", now there's a word that always brings a little vomit up to the back of my throat.

That's the code word for socialism/communism, extreme leftist, feminazi misanthropism, mentally deranged policies, and the promotion of mediocrity and irresponsibility. There's lots of 'progressive' countries in the world already, why not emigrate to one of those utopias instead of trying to drag Canada down into one? Cuba and Russia need people, too, you know.

Ti-Guy said...

and the promotion of mediocrity and irresponsibility.

Oh, I just love it when anony-tards use the term "mediocrity."

Swallow another handful of Cheesies, 'tard.

Skinny Dipper said...

I wouldn't call the Canadian National Newspaper or whatever it's called a progressive website. Nor do I call it conservative.

One should not always judge a book by its cover. What might be self-referred as progressive could be conservative or vice versa. A Christian site could be not or too Christian in the eye of the beholder. An anti-tobacco site could actually be run by a tobacco company. A feminist site could be run by men who think women are lower than men.

Several months ago, several bloggers complained about one of the blogger's site for opposing MMP in Ontario--not very progressive in the eyes of some.

Watch what you read!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget their other plea for 'social justice', whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.

Life isn't fair, princess. Deal with it. Either work harder, or get smarter.

Ti-Guy said...

Thanks, Grandpa. Now ask the nurse to changer your diaper.

Anonymous said...

ti-guy, your responses here are as good as they get.

That's not saying a lot, but by your standards, you're doing well. At least you've stepped up slightly by not cursing in your name calling.