Sunday, January 27, 2008

Now THERE'S A Dumb Headline

U.S. spy satellite falling from orbit, could hit Earth

I would say its almost a certainty. What else could it hit?


Ti-Guy said...

It was probably the work of some peon who had to furnish the headline and grabbed a bit from the first paragraph:

The U.S. has lost control of a spy satellite that may contain hazardous materials, and it could hit the Earth over the next two months...

Maybe this stuff is computer-generated, much like the comments from the anonymii are?

Anonymous said...

Of maybe it's alluding to this paragraph: "
"If the satellite is as big as we think it is -- about as big as a school bus -- then parts of it could survive the fiery re-entry and hit the Earth," space analyst Randy Atwood told CTV News."

That is, a small satellite will burn up before actual impact; a large one might leave a crater.

Hank Roberts said...

"... unlikely to evaporate."

Anonymous said...

Well, you've got to demonize the US somehow with this bit of news. "George Bush's right-wing spy satellite purposely crashes into Mother Earth as symbolic gesture about how he feels about Kyoto."

Is that more accurate?

Anonymous said...

That sounds more passive than what some of the other headlines in the US say:

American spy satellite 'the size of a bus' is out of control and hurtling towards Earth

Disabled Spy Satellite Threatens Earth

Hurtling and Threatens! Sounds more dangerous somehow than the passive "falling."