Thursday, January 03, 2008

Five Feet Of Flaky

I am being reviled this morning by Kathy Shaidle, sixth most popular blogger in the Conservative Blogosphere. I was thinking of issuing an official rebuttal, and I still might eventually, but I'm pressed for time today and instead would simply note that

...Ms. Shaidle bears a shocking resemblance to Bev Oda. Ha! Nuff said! Argument over! Checkmate, female midget!


Anonymous said...

Standard Liberal response - defend yourself by attacking the other person's appearance. How intelligent, how superior you must feel. Your debating skills are truly outstanding.

Anonymous said...

wonder why KS would waste time on pond scum like you ?

Must be a very, very, very slow day.

Anonymous said...

defend yourself by attacking the other person's appearance


Need I remind you trolls why the cons lost in 1993?

This coming from a bunch who HATE people because they are immigrants, liberal, or gay. And go so far as to blame all your own shortcomings on another political party while at the same time stealing their policies.

Think you are just desperate to be nasty yourselves.


Anonymous said...

friendly troll I am one of those silent majority Canadians neither 'liberal' or 'conservative' (I believe they are both out to lunch) but right now the only one who is "hating" is you. And uh..posting a pic to mock somebody does show an astounding level of 'hate' instead of a eductated reasonable response. If a blogger is pressed for time he/she should state it and refer back in the future instead of posting pics to mock someobody.

"the cons lost in 1993?"

Yes and the libs lost after '93, in the last election thats why we have harper a CONSERVATIVE in power right now. Does that mean I should say the libs lost because of THEIR hatred of everybody who inturn doesnt agree with them?

easy on the weed there friendly loser troll... easy buddy ..easy dont smoke it all at once.

peace out

bigcitylib said...


I think friendly troll is referring to the infamous Chretien ad.

Ti-Guy said...

Can we expect a Shaidle drive by, where she hikes up her skirts and shits in your comments section, then flees before the stink reaches our nostrils?

The scolds who take exception at anyone criticising the hideous Shaidle on the basis of her looks should remember how many times she called Antonia Zerbisias fat. She can dish it out, so she can obviously take it.

I personally don't think Shaidle is all that ugly. I just think she has no taste. Maybe Rachel Marsden could start a consulting business offering "dress for success" tips for crazy racist harridans?

Anonymous said...

AA yes I know but the point is still valid. the libs had some fairly rude ads as I recall as well during the last election. Anyway it doesnt matter both libs and cons are part of the system itself.

I am going back to my work of opposing the libs and cons (which means getting off the net and back into my real work).

hehe no rest for the wicked y'know. >:0D

ps I read both lib and con blogs --but I'm thinking of starting a canadian anarchist blog. ahh I see the ol' hate mail a'comin' down th' pike!

anarchy forever peeps

again peace out!

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a sense of humour. Why can't you spare even a modicum for the sadly, misinformed anonimii from the wrong wing who have nothing better to do than shit in public. Granted they bump up your count but the stench is unbearable. After they've displayed there utter ignorance more that a few time don't you think it would be fair to cut the rope and leave them to sputter and fume in their stepford mom's basement?

Atheist anarchist,

Weed? No. Crack? Probably. Meth? No doubt!!

bigcitylib said...

Anon 1:24,

If you want to bash conservatives, you have to go where there are conservatives. I think I've actually turned Raging Ranter.

Balbulican said...

Well, one can mock Katie for being short, which is reasonably innocuous. Or one COULD mock her for being a hate-preaching, self-aggrandizing, racist demagogue whose idea of "funny" is to bemoan the lack of smallpox-infected blankets to deal with Aboriginal people (unless, of course, she WASN'T kidding).

On the whole, I think comments about her lack of physical stature are less damaging than drawing attention to her lack of moral stature.

Balbulican said...

BTW, I should also note that Five Feet Of Cancerous Phlegm is flogging a collection of her (shudder) personal favourite "columns", self-published (of course) by Lulu, an online vanity press. Thus any referral to her website that might result in the exposure of innocents is to be avoided.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm actually trying to read Shaidle's...thing...but I end up stopping at each howler. From her commentless, blog, she quotes:

"They and their friends at the Canadian Islamic Congress are seemingly not interested in stimulating debate...

...which is from Steyn, who is never seen in the company of people who will challenge him.

And then, Shaidle writes...on her commetless blog...the following:

Unfortunately, plenty of Canadians aren't interested in freedom of expression.

I couldn't finish reading what followed, which looked like the standard wingnut screed raging mediocrities engage in all the time. I felt a migraine coming on.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, and don't miss this...

To those of us on the other side, what is self-evident (based on tenents of the Enlightenment that liberals used to hold dear)

Tenents? I have to say, the Governor General's Award selection committee dodged a bullet when they only nominated her for Lobotomy and Scat, or whatever the title her thing was.

Anonymous said...

For many years Shaidle was a radical left winger. Then, for a few years, she was a Catholic conservative. Now, she no longer claims to be a Catholic, has been booted from the Blogging Tories, and appears to be spearheading an anti-Stephen Harper movement. Presumably a few years hence she will be a Buddhist monk or something.

She is, in a sense, a war profiteer, taking the job of a more qualified male only because men can't get away with a tenth of the crap women do. Which make her insults of male conservatives and their supposed lack of courage particularly odious.

She's never stood up for a Canadian white male in her life and don't think we, the real conservatives in this country, don't notice this sort of thing. Her over the top defence of a millionaire American Bilderberg attendee in lieu of actual Canadians is deemed to be somewhat weak in some circles.

Ti-Guy said...

She's never stood up for a Canadian white male in her life and don't think we, the real conservatives in this country, don't notice this sort of thing.

What the hell are you on about, Biff? Shaidle writes spank material for the Canadian white male conservative.

Face it...the Right is just one big swirling toilet bowl and that won't change just because the logs are attacking the chunks.

Anonymous said...

Point out the hate in my comment AtheistAnarchist. Not one bit of it there. Unless losers is a horrible slang word for a conservative much like the N word.

Posting a picture and someone making fun is not hate its just tasteless and sad. No hate involved there. Making fun of Chretien in 1993 was more than tasteless because its related to a condition. Unless conservatism causes women to look like this then its just tasteless and possibly funny.

What is hate is making fun of culture (Dijon instead of Dion, etc.),ethnicity, sexual orientation , language, gender, etc. Not that hard to distinguish really.

Your jumping off the gun on this shows you ain't nonpartisan, just a Tory in concern troll clothing.

Whats with the weed comment? You stereotyping like bigots/people who hate do?

Anonymous said...

"What the hell are you on about, Biff? Shaidle writes spank material for the Canadian white male conservative."

No, she writes squirt material for the American randomly-raced female cryptobolshie. She confesses to not knowing who her Member of Parliament is, to give one example of how not-Canadian not-conservative she is.

She also backed Dalton McGuinty in the last Ontario campaign, as did many so-called Canadian conservatives. I'm not sure there is even a single conservative blogger in Canada worth mentioning.

Dr.Dawg said...

Here's an idiot over at Daimnation who has committed libel, in my opinion, BCL:

Never mind Shaidle--no one takes her seriously any more--her racism and lies have utterly discredited her, except, of course, to people of her own persuasion.

Best for the New Year.

bigcitylib said...

Dr. Dawg,

Ahh, I've been called worse.

Saskboy said...

While I'm not usually in favour of "appearance" based snark, "five feet of fury" does seem to strive for it, especially in the name of her ridiculously offensive blog which makes light of her appearance.

Oda, however, probably didn't ask to be dragged into this.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, and who do liberals hate? Gun owners, Albertans, Rednecks, males, working people, rich people, hetero families, Christians, and neither last nor least, Conservatives.

So shove that big tub of tolerance and love you keep bragging about right up your Dion canal.

900ft Jesus said...

anon 11:32 said:
"Standard Liberal response - defend yourself by attacking the other person's appearance."

what attack on appearance? BCL said KS looks like Oda. I see the resemblance. Oh...oh my, anon...are you saying Oda is ugly? Is that what you mean?

Ti-Guy said...


Oda, however, probably didn't ask to be dragged into this.

Why do you say that? She looks lovely.

Anony at 3:34 PM:

No, she writes squirt material for the American randomly-raced female cryptobolshie.

Are you saying that Shaidle is peddling liberal fascism?

I wouldn't say that too loud or you'll be in for a Shaidling.

Greg said...

Geez BCL and here I thought you were a lackey of the international corporate conspiracy and Shaidle thinks you are one of us. My God man, you must be a Liberal.

Anonymous said...

"Are you saying that Shaidle is peddling liberal fascism?"

I have no idea what that term means but she's an entryist!

Ti-Guy said...

I have no idea what that term means

Good. Because it's meaningless.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're also the type who would put them in a concentration camp because they're wearing glasses, which as every good socialist knows is a sign of an intellectual, and therefore must be eradicated in order to improve social justice.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Come on ti-guy, where's the tolerance, the understanding, the compassion you Libbies are supposedly famous for? A Christian would 'turn the other cheek', but I guess that behaviour is beneath your superior secular ideals. I thought you worshipped the free exchange of ideas, and valued all other opposing views as valid, meaningful, and educational.

Or are you trying to subtely tell us that you're a hateful intolerant ideologue?

Ti-Guy said...

I'm just telling you to fuck off.