Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ezra's "Radical Imam" On Muslim Women

Given this, this is interesting:

Calgary's first Muslim women's convention will seek to empower the faith's females while dispelling false impressions surrounding them, says a local imam.

Female leaders of the city's Muslim community will also address the Feb. 10 convention that will impart a true reflection of women in Islam said Syed Soharwardy, president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada.


He said another goal of the meet is to encourage women to bring their domestic problems to the fore, while encouraging participants to spread a message of enlightenment to their home countries.

It's hoped the gathering will also help women overcome the cultural shock felt by some immigrants unaccustomed to playing an active role in the community, he said.

Although you would think the Calgary Sun could have found some of these "female leaders" to interview.


Anonymous said...

Did you know the province of Ontario has agreements with certain religious groups exempting them from paying certain taxes?
Me neither, until a couple days ago, and I suspect other provinces and even states may have similar arrangements.

I'm not talking property tax breaks for a church, I mean individual members not having to pay for things like CPP, EI, and health premiums, because their religion forbids them from taking pogey or pensions. Good thing you atheists don't do any research...

bigcitylib said...

Are there any religions that allow you to collect pensions but still not pay taxes? I might convert.

Ti-Guy said...

Me neither, until a couple days ago...

Given that this new information has a recent history, do you think you could tell us where you heard this?

*tsk*...what am saying?

The only reference I know of with regard to religion and individual tax paying refers to vows of poverty.

Although you would think the Calgary Sun could have found some of these "female leaders" to interview.

Let's concentrate on The Calgary Sun finding some actual journalists first.