Tuesday, June 17, 2008

B.C.'s Carbon Tax: The Fury is NOT Palpable

While James's campaign, which includes a petition and a series of public events, may be popular with some, it still remains unclear how strongly opposed British Columbians are to the gas tax.


More polls are expected in the days to come, and the Business Council of B.C., which had been lukewarm, said the tax will not be hard to bear.

"Households in the province should not be worse off economically," said Jock Finlayson, the council's executive vice-president of policy.

"In fact, I think a lot of them are going to be better off, marginally, with the carbon tax.

"I don't think that message has gotten out, and I say that as somebody who was not a huge proponent of even doing this."

Meanwhile Chantel Hebert is wondering why the Libs would draw attention away from the governing Tories difficulties to put the focus on their own environmental plan. Well, I think to get the party over the 35% hump in the polls, it is necessary for the LPC to stop behaving like an opposition party and start behaving like a government in waiting One element of a government in waiting these days is a responsible environmental plan. Since the Tories DO NOT HAVE a responsible environmental plan, there is a policy vacuum Dion and Co. can move in to and fill.

A hint here from Martha Hall Findlay that the income tax cut portion of the plan may come before the carbon tax imposition part. Good idea, if true.


Anonymous said...

Here's the perfect segway for Dion's press conference tomorrow.

Air Canada slashes jobs, flights

Globe and Mail Update

Air Canada [AC.A-T] is slashing up to 2,000 jobs and cutting back its overseas flights as it grapples with the soaring cost of fuel."The airlines are in trouble with the rising cost of fuel," Mr. Holden said. "The price of seats haven't risen to compensate so they're stuck having to cut internally. The simple problem is that they're not making enough money."

I'm sure a carbon tax will help Air Canada hire back these workers.

Ti-Guy said...

Learn how to spell "segue," Fretarded, or just write what you know.

Re Chantal H├ębert: I'm reminded of one way the Internet will most effectively challenge the MSM: Eventually, they'll stop paying pundits to write Op-Eds (which, as we've discovered, anyone can do while sitting on the toilet in morning) and simply employ reporters and subject experts.

It really is a waste of their money to keep paying pundits. No one takes them seriously anymore.

Perhaps some of them will return to reporting, with actual sourcing and research, but I doubt the yuppies can. They're too dessicated and doddering.

Mike said...


Good. Air Canada is by far the shittiest airline I have had the misfortune of flying. they are cutting jobs because they are a poorly managed company - the deserve to go out of business. Perhaps we can get some real competition and real choice in air travel.

Or are you suggesting that its the government's job to ensure that crappy companies keep running to ensure their workers have jobs? That quite the Conservative position there. I suppose only if you consider it corporate welfare...

Are you Buzz Hargrove?