Monday, June 02, 2008

To Whom Did CTV Cave?

Nice that John Baird has taken up Jim Flaherty's role as Ontario-Basher in chief. Making statements like "only Alberta is forcing the big polluters to cut their emissions" will surely endear the Harper Tories to us Central Canadian folk.

But what's most interesting is how CTV castrated its own story during the course of Sunday afternoon. The origonal title, "Baird sneers at Ontario-Quebec carbon trading plan", was later amended to "Baird dismisses Ontario-Quebec carbon trading plan". You can see both in the screen-cap above.

So who strong-armed 'em? Or was it an honest reconsideration? I didn't see "Question Period", where Baird made his remarks. Was he sneering? He sneers alot. Can anyone tell me, did he give 'em one of these:

Or was he merely dismissive:

The stuff of conspiracy, this is.


RuralSandi said...

Too funny - the Blogging Tories are crying and whining saying Liberal bias on this one - can you believe it?

James Curran said...

Love you post BCL. Just want to remind you that these are the Harris Tories and not the Harper Tories.

He was snearing.

Gayle said...

"...can you believe it?"

Sadly, yes.

It takes a special kind of stupidity to find this is evidence of bias.

Ti-Guy said...

Yer in fine form with this kind of post, BCL.

Baird, however, doesn't sneer. He snarls...and it's not his fault. He just looks that way. His parents clearly understood that cosmetic surgery to make their gay son look like a formidable pitbull is the only option right-thinking "conservative" parents have. Had he not undegone the surgery, he'd look the way God intended him to look...something between Ezra "Joanne Worley" Levant and Peter "Baby Huey" Van Loon.

aside: Has anyone ever remarked that God gives "conservatives" the looks they deserve?? Even pretty Rona Ambrose's thick neck and ankles are asserting themselves, with age, in most unfortunate ways. And Helena Guergis would be nothing without the technological enhancements courtesy of Union Carbide.

Baird's getting back at his parents though...How else can you explain an obese pig who maintains he's a vegetarian?

Reality Bites said...

ti-guy, I once knew a vegetarian who lived on potato chips and Ritz crackers... she wasn't thin.

In Baird's case I don't know that he truly claims to be vegetarian... he just wants us to believe that he doesn't eat anyone's meat

Ti-Guy said...

Har, har.

Hey, triple-cheese pizzas are vegetarian.