Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Toronto Company's Electric Car Can Now Run On Quebec Roads

...but not, ironically enough, Ontario ones. The story is here, and a surprisingly informative piece from the Western Standard here.


Terrence C. Watson said...


When are you going to stop prefixing links to the Western Standard with lines like "surprisingly informative"? :-)



Ti-Guy said...

Hey, be grateful. It used to be "schockingly, alarmingly, obscenely informative."

I wouldn't call modified or progressive regulation de-regulation, That really just means a free market free-for-all (in which too many people get screwed), which is how we ended up with regulatory regimes to begin with. If we insist on avoiding those nuances, we'll end up constantly swinging between extremes of over- and under-regulation.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because in Quebec the have green electricity, while Ontario is an Eco Criminal for having all those terrible CO2 spewing & polluting coal fired generation plants.

These cars would just help Ontario kill off more Polar Bears and flood out hundreds more islands in the South Pacific. You know genocide by electric car

Or did Dulton close them down after all ? It is so hard to keep track of all his broken promises.

Ti-Guy said...

It is so hard to keep track of all his broken promises.

Maybe you should lay off the crank.