Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Seed Don't Fall

...too far from the tree.

From David Ball

I am the eldest son of Dr. Tim Ball. I have been involved with this 'debate' my entire life. I cannot even watch television any longer due to the preponderance of misinformation being blasted at us by the media. My father studied the weather records form Churchill and YorkFactory (Hudson's Bay) from 1605 through to 1951."

It is an amazing record of weather and hardship. Incredible science being done even then. The Hudson's Bay company was doing global experiments in the late 1700's. One in particular was to map the transit of Venus and involved James Cook, Mason and Dixon, and the men stationed on Hudson's Bay. They kept impeccable records, rivaling weather stations today!!

My point is that no one is listening to the real scientist on this subject.

It's okay I suppose to admire your daddy. Funny how this climate change denial thing seems to run in families.


Ti-Guy said...

Does this guy have an actual job?

Boris said...

Well, maybe we'd listen to the Timster if, you know, he was still doing actual science.

Anonymous said...

Tim Ball is a friend of the family, and they cling on this is views as the veritable truth. There must be a conscipracy theory on the level of the same magnitude of some government inventing HIV is so many scientists are so completely and blatently wrong, and those such as Mr Ball are being used by right wing media to try to discredit those such as Al Gore. When I saw this, friend of family or not, I lost all respect for him

buckets said...

Well, maybe we'd listen to the Timster if, you know, he was still doing actual science. Still implies that what he did ever was science. Most of his research would be better described as history or historical.

Unknown said...