Thursday, June 19, 2008

Operation Thread Redux?

When you read this, think of this.

Another black eye for the RCMP coming up, methinks.


Unknown said...

What do you think about the Muslims charged BCL? You never seem to say.

This incident provoked some real fear amongst Canadians yet you seek to constantly downplay it without ever really discussing it.

Or, as per habit, are you going to manufacture more fake alarm and suggest Lemire remains a greater threat?

bigcitylib said...

I think Paul that they were a bunch of dumb kids playing a little too close to real radicals. I think it was probably correct for the RCMP to keep an eye on them but the bust was an obvious bung up. And it was pretty clearly a bung up from day one (entrapment anyone?).

Doubting Thomas said...

Qualifying them as a "bunch of dumb kids" makes them sound harmless and cute. Is there really much of a difference between this situation and the one where police uncover some disgruntled teenager's plans to shoot up his school? You can't just dismiss a threat like that. It just so happens this is a politically charged one with deep racial undertones.
"probably keep an eye one them?" how about "most definitely correct?". When there's suspected criminal behaviour that's what I'm hoping our police do: "observe closely".

How long it takes to determine which ones are innocent is another matter.

Unknown said...

I see BCL, basically it was like some kids on a joyride, nothing too serious. And the core of the case, any comments on that?